Peter Wong W. W. is a cross-disciplinary creator engaged in different forms of art projects. In addition to the creation of a.jin series, he is also actively participating in different creative projects, aiming to present human’s complicated emotions, feelings and expression through his artworks.

Peter Wong W. W. – 跨界創作者,除了a.jin系列的創作外,也績極參與及策劃各種藝術相關的活動和工作坊,期望透過不同媒介和展覧呈現人類復雜的情緒丶感覺和想法。

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About the Creator


Exhibition I 展覽

The Flu Solo Exhibition @ Cine Cafe, Taipei, Taiwan
The Flu Solo Exhibition @ Island Gallery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

a.jin series x New Home Association Exhibition @ JCCAC, H.K.
“Dream.a.Dream”#8 Solo Exhibition @TC2 Cafe, H.K.
“Dream.a.Dream”#9 Solo Exhibition @Shelter Lounge, H.K.
“Dream.a.Dream”#10 Solo Exhibition @ Point to life bookstore, InnoCentre, H.K.
“Picking up the small pieces of dreams, a slow motion adventure”
Solo Exhibition @ 21 locations in Tainan, Taiwan, showing over 100 pieces of works
“Make a wish” Solo Exhibition @ Woow House, Tainan, Taiwan

a.jin – “Dream.a.Dream” event #1 kick-off Solo Exhibition @ Point to life bookstore, InnoCentre, H.K.
a.jin – charity exhibition for Plan International Walk for Children 2014, H.K.
a.jin – “Dream.a.Dream”#2 Solo Exhibition @ New Home Association , H.K.
a.jin – ”Dream.a.Dream#3 Solo Exhibition, workshop & sharing event @PMQ (Invited by JCI), H.K.
a.jin – “Dream.a.Dream”#4 Solo Exhibition @ Hong Kong Polytechnic University
a.jin – “Dream.a.Dream” #6 Solo Exhibition @Spark Bar & Restaurant, Hong Kong
a.jin x &dear for World Animal Days Champaign, Joint Exhibitions @ various locations, H.K.
a.jin – ”Dream.a.Dream”#7 Solo Exhibition @Delia Memorial School (Glee Path), H.K.
a.jin x Citylink Christmas Installation & Exhibition, H.K.
a.jin x Luk Yaung Galleria Christmas Installation & Exhibition, H.K.

Detour Pop Up Exhibition, H.K.
a.jin – Love & Dreams Exhibition @ D3 gallery, H.K.
a.jin – Lost in Wonderland installation & pop-up event @D3 gallery, H.K.