About the Brand - a.jin


a.jin is a series of illustration initially inspired by the spirit of dreams. The style of a.jin series is fine and sophisticated, with the aim to express the faith in infinite possibilities. The series has been extended to various cross-disciplinary collaborations, including art, design and product licensing projects; exhibitions, workshops and different creative projects. The series is becoming more abundant with more interesting friends added to the storyline.


a.jin & her friends

a.jin 和她的朋友們


a.jin is made up of a lot of broken fragments from dreams. She is a traveller, when she encounter someone, who had lost their dreams, during her journey, she will help them to mend their dreams by using her fragments of dreams.



A living doll who never grow up. She dreamed of becoming a real human, and was travelling around to look for a way.  Yet, she encountered a mysterious monster on the way and being attacked, her broken body was then abandoned in the ruins. Fortunately, a.jin found her & got the wool from the magical sheep called Lullaby, she used that to repair Momo’s broken body, giving her life again. After this, momo understood her own value and decided to travel with a.jin together for helping people mending their dreams.



The magician, a mysterious boy, with strong magic but no one knows his origin.


moon 1/2

A pure and naive little girl who is always full of imagination, she simply loves to eat and always sees the world and things that ordinary people can’t see.